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The prestigious ,‘Bajla family of Deoghar founded this college on 17th-July-1962 .The main objectives were women empowerment.
emancipation and self-depended.Since then it never looked back and starting with 7(Seven) students now it has achieved a huge no.of students that is more then 4000(Four thousand) by arduous effort, dedication and sincerity. Now the colleges known for its quality education, discipline and excellent culture. It is a premier institution of higher education specially for woman byimparting “Intermediate” and “Under Graduate” courses not only to the students of Deoghar but also of the whole Santhal Parganas real more...

Pricipal's Massage
It is a matter of immense pleasure that "R.D.Bajla Mahila College Deoghar" has launched its own official website. This institution is no doubt committed to impart education to the downtroddens, Poor& destitute. The academic performance in real sense is the backbone of my institute. The cordial interaction between teachers & taught is very healthy. By arduous effort, dedication and sincerity it has achieved a huge number of students. The college is known for its quality education, discipline and excellent culture. Our main objective is to provide them opportunity to achieve highest participation in their divergent environment of gender discrimination for their active participation in "RASTRA NIRMAN" Profile of the Principal

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